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Kauai property management is a hectic, unpredictable, around-the-clock occupation. Problems occur, rarely at convenient hours, and they need to be resolved quickly and professionally.  Whether it’s a guest in need of assistance or a property in need of repair, there’s no substitute for experience. Attracting customers and powering good rental returns means staying abreast of trends and technological evolution in the industry. At Kauai Kahuna Vacation Rentals, we’re fortunate in our experienced and knowledgeable staff and their enthusiasm in seeking out and embracing new ideas and new technologies.  In managing our Kauai vacation rentals, we combine good old-fashioned service with the willingness to innovate…and we do so under the umbrella of our core commitment to transparency, technology, and success.


Transparency means clear and accurate financial statements, all rental information available to owners, no markup on service charges or housekeeping. Adoption of the best available technology is evidenced in our state of the art software which provides live integration with all major online booking sites in the industry.  Our mobile guest app makes it easy for guests to find rental information and Kauai travel tips.  Our housekeeping app documents arrival inspections. The maintenance app allows us to monitor all repair activities.


The result is success! We bring in positive guest reviews and high occupancy rates.

Kauai Vacation Rentals|Kauai Kahuna Vacation Rentals Staff

Cathy Landis:  Owner and General Manager

Cathy has more than fifteen years experience in the Kauai vacation rental management industry.  She believes in a good old-fashioned work ethic, a hands-on approach to leadership, and the importance of building success through personal connections and trust.  A technophile, Cathy keeps at the forefront the need to grow and evolve with important technological changes in the industry.  She also loves Zumba and Renaissance Faires and sewing fabulous historical costumes.  When not working, she can often be found in front of a sewing machine while watching Star Trek reruns.

Daniel Landis: Business and Accounts Manager 

Daniel has almost fifteen  years experience in Kauai vacation rental management.  With a Master’s Degree in Economics, his analytical skills help to guarantee accurate financial information to owners, rates structured for the best possible return, and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the business.  Daniel believes in a business driven by data and ethical practices.  He loves email and hates the telephone.  He is also a talented musician who plays the tuba for actual money…and free food when it’s offered.  In his spare time, Daniel rescues feral cats and works on classic cars. 


Sirenna Evans:  Reservations Manager

Sirenna has ten years experience with Kauai vacation rentals.  Sirenna believes in providing the best possible service to guests, including pre-arrival advice, a straightforward and efficient experience when booking, and personal follow-up at and after guest arrival.  Sirennna knows our properties intimately and ensures that all of our reservationists offer the most personal and knowledgeable assistance to guests.  She holds a Master’s Degree in National Security, which has nothing to do with her job, but we like to mention it anyway because it makes her sound smart.  Sirenna spends many of her off-hours on the ice, helping to train up her little girls to be ice skating champions like mom.


Evan Rettig:  Reservationist

Evan received his customer service training via a method we like to refer to as "trial by fire."  While working at a large call center owned by a telecommunications company which shall remain nameless, Evan discovered how very much he loved interacting with people and helping to solve their problems, but how very much he hated doing it in a giant corporate setting.  He really enjoys interacting with our guests...so call, it will make him happy.  Evan is our guru of cultural relevance who insures we're always up on the latest memes, music, movies, and hot goss.  In his spare time, he is a super-nerd who likes to play World of Warcraft and Magic.