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If you’re a Kauai resident or visitor, you’re in luck! Overnight closures of the Kuhio highway past Hanalei have been suspended at least until December. Unfortunately this means that construction work has been slowed, however this is to allow the highly endangered Shearwater birds to...Read more
Kauai Vacation Rentals | Noa Manu Trucktop Camper
Perfect for those seeking to explore parts of the island most never get to see, the Kauai Kahuna exclusive Noa Manu truck-top camper allows you the freedom to set your own agenda and set up camp wherever you like.Read more
As a hub of outdoor activities, there is always something for the adventurous on the island of Kauai. This month’s featured activity is the 11th annual Kauai Marathon, taking place on Sunday, September 1st.Read more