Hawaii COVID Testing for Travelers Will No Longer Be Required If You Are Vaccinated

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Vaccine Exemption to Hawaii Quarantine and Pre-Travel COVID Testing Takes Effect On July 8, 2021

Governor Ige has announced a VACCINE EXEMPTION to Hawaii's mandatory quarantine and pre-travel COVID testing rrequirements.  The mandatory 10-day quarantine remains in effect for all mainland visitors, but now there are two ways to avoid the need to quarantine.  (Note that inter-island travel no longer involves testing or quarantine requirements.)

First, as discussed at length in previous posts, you may take a pre-travel COVID test within 72 hours of flying into the state and upload your negative results into your SAFE TRAVELS ACCOUNT.  

Second, beginning on July 8, 2021, you can submit proof that you are FULLY VACCINATED and you will not be required to pre-test or quarantine.  To submit your proof of vaccination, you follow the same procedure required for pre-testing, by creating a Safe Travels account and uploading your vaccination record.  You must provide one of the following:

  • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card
  • VAMS (Vaccination Administration Management System) printout
  • DOD Form DD-2766C


You should also be prepared to show your hard-copy vaccination record upon arrival, so plan on bringing your vaccine card with you.  To be eligible for the vaccine exemption you must have received your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine 15 days prior to travel, or your single dose Johnson&Johnson vaccine 15 days prior to travel.

It is important to note that children 5 - 11 years old ARE STILL REQUIRED TO TAKE A PRE-TRAVEL COVID TEST.  They are not eligible for the vaccine travel exemption since they are not eligible to receive the vaccine.  If you are traveling as a family, make sure that your young ones who are not able to get vaccinated follow the pre-travel testing protocol and receive their negative test results before you fly.

Masks are still required for all indoor locations...as well as during your flight...so be sure to bring an ample supply of masks with you.