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Kauai COVID travel rules | Kauai bubble resorts and quarantine
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Hawaii travel rules and Kauai COVID restrictions

Now that people are being vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and there is increased interest in travel to the state of Hawaii, it seems a good time to review the general Hawaii COVID travel rules and the specific Kauai travel restrictions.  They are not identical.

Hawaii travel restrictions for the other islands (Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Lanai, Molokai) are pretty straightforward.  Hawaii Safe Travels rules apply.  Take a COVID test within 72 hours of travel from an approved testing source, receive your negative results, upload them to the state's travel app, and enjoy your visit.  Full details are available on the state of Hawaii's COVID travel webpage

The island of Kauai is not participating in the Hawaii Safe Travels program at this time.  There is a separate set of Kauai COVID travel restrictions.  

If you are traveling to Kauai from one of the other Hawaiian islands, you can take a COVID-19 test, receive your negative results, and fly to Kauai without having to quarantine.  You must have been on the other island for at least 72 hours before you take your COVID test or it will not be considered valid, and will not allow you to bypass quarantine.

That means it's possible to visit Kauai from the mainland without the necessity of completing quarantine IF you first stop to visit one of the other islands.  In order to visit any of the other islands, you must

  • create a Hawaii Safe Travels account here.  Everyone in your party who is at least 18 years old must create their own account.
  • get tested for COVID-19 from an approved testing partner within 72 hours of flying
  • upload your negative test results to your Safe Travels account BEFORE you fly (visitors who fly before receiving test results will be required to complete quarantine)
  • get your QR code either on your mobile phone or print a hard copy
  • carry a hard copy of your test results with you

If you are traveling to Kauai from the mainland, you will be required to quarantine.  There are two quarantine options.  

  • complete a three-day quarantine* at one of the approved bubble resorts, followed by a COVID-19 test, negative results mean no further quarantine is required.  This is also refered to as EMQ, or "Enhanced Movement Quarantine."  You can ONLY do this mini-quarantine at one of the eight approved bubble resorts.  Post-arrival testing is at traveler expense.  Vacation rentals are not authorized quarantine locations.  Please note that on the linked list of quarantine locations, only THE FIRST EIGHT RESORTS are EMQ or "bubble" resorts where mini quarantine is permitted.  You must still complete the general Hawaii travel steps for pre-travel testing and creating a Safe Travels account.  Additionally you need to complete the Kauai Arrival Form.
  • if you do not choose to "bubble" quarantine at one of the EMQ locations, you will be required to complete a 10-day quarantine in a hotel.  The full ist of hotels where you may quarantine is here.  Vacation rentals are not authorized quarantine locations, you may not fulfill your quarantine requirement in a vacation rental, only in a hotel.
  • for the most complete and updated information, if you are planning to visit Kauai, be sure to check the County of Kauai COVID-19 webpage regularly

Please note that Kauai Kahuna Vacation Rentals has a limited number of units at two of the EMQ or "bubble resort" locations.  Our Kauai vacation rentals at the Cliffs at Princeville and the Hanalei Bay Resort are available for guests wanting to do their 3-day bubble resort quarantine.  Contact us for more information.

*some of the EMQ locations will require a 4 night minimum stay rather than a 3 night minimum stay