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Kauai Mandatory Quarantine Expires April 5 - Only Negative COVID Test Results Required For Travel

Beginning on April 5, 2021, visitors to Kauai will no longer be required to quarantine nor to enter a "resort bubble" for mini-quarantine.  Instead, as with the other Hawaii islands, visitors traveling to Kauai will be able to take a pre-travel COVID test, upload their negative test results, and enjoy Kauai without the need to quarantine or "bubble."

We've covered the pre-travel testing requirements in previous posts.  They have not changed.  Testing must be performed within 72 hours of boarding your flight into Hawaii.  You must obtain your test from a Hawaii Trusted Partner.  You must create a Safe Travels account and upload your test results before flying.  You'll need to print your QR codes in advance, or save them on your mobile phone.  The Hawaii COVID travel webpage has complete and up-to-date information.  We recommend you review it prior to traveling.  We also recommend you bring hard copies of all required documents such as test results and QR codes in order to avoid any possible technology glitches.

There are reportedly plans under consideration for Hawaii to begin using a different COVID travel app, which would greatly expand the number of accepted COVID test providers.  This could take place in conjunction with the implementation of a "Vaccine Passport" which would allow fully vaccinated individuals to travel without having to pre-test for COVID.  We're hopeful we'll see the Vaccine Passport program implemented in May, a goal state authorities have indicated they are working towards.

We want to remind travelers that there is a statewide mask mandate still in place for all of Hawaii, and that is not expected to change in the near future.  When you are outside of your rental property or your hotel room, please respect this requirement and wear a mask.