Is The Kauai Quarantine Requirement Really Going Away?

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Kauai Mayor Asking to Opt The Island Back Into the Hawaii Safe Travels Program on April 5

Kauai Mayore Derek Kawakami has asked the governor to let the island opt back into the statewide Hawaii pre-travel COVID testing program known as Safe Travels, starting on April 5.  Under the Hawaii Safe Travels program, mainland visitors and inter-island travelers are required to take a pre-travel COVID-19 test from one of the state's "trusted partners" within 72 hours of travel.  The results need to be uploaded to the Safe Travels app before flying.  Negative pre-travel test results mean that there is no requirement for visitors to quarantine, nor to participate in one of the "resort bubbles" once they arrive. 

Governor Ige must approve the request to opt Kauai back into the statewide Hawaii COVID travel requirements.  It seems unlikely that there will be any difficulty in obtaining that approval.  Now that approximately a third of all Kauai residents are fully vaccinated against COVID (as of March 1), the risk of an outbreak that could rapidly overwhelm Kauai's limited medical facilities seems much less likely.  We look forward to welcoming our visitors back to Kauai, and hope that they will be respectful of local mandates for mask wearing and social distancing so that Kauai can remain one of the safest places in the country during the COVID pandemic.