New COVID-19 Sanitation Measures

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Rachel Landis

As the COVID-19 epidemic rises to its peak in the United States, we are working round the clock to make sure that our employees and guests are as safe and healthy as they can be. This means more rigorous disinfection and sanitation measures for all our properties to ensure that nothing can possibly harbor the disease - even the places you can’t see. 


Sanitation Measures

To carry out our new sanitation measures, each unit is professionally treated with a hospital grade misting disinfectant. The misting solution, HP202, is the same product being used by the government of the island of Maui for sanitization of all public spaces, so you can rest assured properties are being treated with the best technology available. Next, all high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, remotes, countertops, and appliances are further sanitized by hand, and the property is then finished with a UV-C germicidal light source treatment. Once a property has been sanitized, our regular housekeepers will be able to come in and perform a deep clean where window coverings are cleaned in a matter appropriate to their materials, shower curtains are laundered or replaced, washing machines cycled through using hot water and bleach, and various other measures. When guests are permitted to return to the island, they will be protected by enhanced cleaning procedures between guest stays to include disinfection of all hard surfaces, and sanitization of any high-touch areas. Temporarily, we will not be allowing back-to-back reservations, where one guest checks out in the morning and another checks in the same afternoon. Instead, we are protecting our housekeeping staff by having the property sit vacant for 24 hours to ensure that most viral contamination which could possibly have been left by previous guests has time to die off. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times and we look forward to the day we see you on island again!