Get Prepared If You're Traveling During Hurricane Season in Hawaii

Rain in Kauai is common, hurricanes are not, but it's always good to be prepared.

Our Kauai vacation rentals are safe and modern, but you still need to be prepared for the possibility of severe weather events.


Part of Kauai’s charm and appeal is its remote location.  That charming location brings its own unique set of challenges.  These challenges range from the mundane, such as trying to replace a refrigerator when on-island stock is limited and delivery may be six weeks out, to the critical, such as when a severe weather emergency strikes.  We hope guests at our Kauai vacation rentals will never have occasion to utilize the information on this page.  However, should the rare emergency situation occur, we hope this will provide the foundation for a calm and informed response.  In an emergency situation, please keep in mind that we are here to help, and do not hesitate to contact us.

Hurricane Preparedness

Important Contacts:
Emergency/Police/Fire/Ambulance: 911 
Kauai Weather: 808-245-6001 
Lihue Airport Information: 808-482-0111 

General Information:

A. Season:   

Hurricane season in Hawaii typically runs from June through November, though there is a possibility that a hurricane can strike any time of the year. 


B. News:

Warning of impending hurricane conditions is provided through a public information system aired on radio and television.

Kauai’s Civil Defense station is KQNG, at 570 am or 93.5 fm. 

You can find updates online through the National Weather Service Pacific Hurricane Center at 


C. Terms:  

Hurricane Watch.  A hurricane is possible within 48 hours. Stay tuned for additional advisories. 

Hurricane Warning.  A hurricane is expected within 36 hours. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. 


Procedures when a Hurricane Warning advisory has been issued:  

  • All plants, furniture and other items from your patio must be removed and moved indoors. Please contact your Property Management Company or Rental Agent for assistance. 
  • Remain calm and keep listening to the local news for weather conditions, evacuation routes and nearest shelter locations. 
  • Purchase in advance, bottled water, ice and non-perishable items, such as canned food, packaged food, paper and personal products, and manual can opener. 
  • Obtain necessary prescriptions and medications and keep with you in the event of an evacuation. 
  • Keep flashlights and battery operated radio/TV handy with extra batteries. 
  • Clean and fill a bathtub with water. 
  • ATMs will not be working in case of power outage. You’ll want to make arrangements for cash needs. 
  • In the event of power failure, turn off all appliances and keep refrigerator door closed. (Food will stay cool for 24 hours.) 
  • Fill your vehicle’s gas tank before the storm arrives. 
  • Avoid downed power lines and report them to your local electric company as soon as possible. 
  • Take refuge in a small interior room during the storm. 
  • Keep all windows and doors closed through the storm. Do not crack a window or door during the storm. Draw your verticals and drapery materials over the windows to protect from the possibility of shattering glass. 

Potential shelters

Not every shelter on this list will be opened during an emergency. Check news media and county website ( during emergencies for listings of open shelters. 

Shelters are facilities that provide increased protection from high winds. Evacuees should not expect personal care attendants or caregivers to be available at mass care shelters. Only general assistance and accommodations will be provided. 

Emergency Shelters (Kauai Civil Defense 808-241-1800):


Kamakahelei Middle School 
Kauai Community College 
Kauai High School 
Kauai Humane Society [pets only] 
Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall 
King Kaumualii Elementary School 
Wilcox Elementary School 


Kapaa Elementary School 
Kapaa High School 
Kapaa Middle School 


Kilauea Elementary School 
Kilauea Neighborhood Center 


Eleele Elementary School 
Kalaheo Elementary School 
Koloa Elementary School 

Waimea Canyon Middle School 
Waimea High School