Kauai FAQ's

Common questions from guests planning to stay at our Kauai rentals

Kauai Kahuna Vacation Rentals: Traveler FAQ's

Here at Kauai Kahuna Vacation Rentals, we want our visitors to have the best possible experience.  Part of that is knowing what to expect.  Some of our most common guest questions are answered below.  If you have questions we haven't answered, or would like additional information about any of our Kauai vacation rentals, feel free to ask us.  

Is there still a Hawaii quarantine?

The mandatory 14-day Hawaii quarantine applies to all Kauai visitors and returning residents.  However, you can avoid the need to quarantine by pre-testing for COVID-19 before you travel.  We have details on Kauai quarantine rules and Kauai COVID testing here.

Are there any special Kauai COVID rules I need to know about?

Yes.  First and foremost, when outside of your Kauai rental (except if you're on your private lanai) you must wear a mask.  This is not a recommendation, it's a requirement, and you may be fined up to $5,000 for failing to wear a mask.  You could even be subject to imprisonment for up to one year. Don't forget to wear your mask.

What airport do I fly into and how far is it to my rental?

*All flights arrive and depart from Lihue Airport.  

North Shore (Princeville/Hanalei areas) it will be  45 minutes to an hour drive from the airport.  

East Shore (Kapaa area or the Kauai Beach Resort) it is 10 minutes or so from the airport, depending on traffic.  

South Shore (Poipu area) is about a 30-minute drive from the airport.

Should I rent a car or is there public transportation that we can use during our stay on Kauai?

*Renting a car is advised.  There is public transportation on Kauai, but routes and times are limited.  There are taxis, but the cost would be more than a rental car.  You may find an Uber ride in Lihue or Kapa'a but availability for other areas is uncertain.  If you’re staying at one of our east shore Kauai vacation rentals (particularly Wailua Bay View 204), it’s feasible to do without a car, if you plan to spend most of your time on the east shore.  In general, though, you'll need to rent a car for your stay so you can freely explore the island.  Most of our Kauai vacation rentals include free parking.  (The exceptions are Kauai Beach Resort and Hanalei Bay Resort, where guests must pay a daily parking fee.)

I'm traveling to Kauai with young children .  Can I rent baby gear?

Nana's Baby & Beach Gear offers a 10% discount to our guests and free delivery island-wide, details are on our mobile phone app.  Visit https://nanasbabyequipment.com/ or call (808) 634-3048.  Babylicious and ReadyRentals also offer rentals.  Ready Rentals offers other items as well, such as wheel chairs and rollaway beds.

How do I get past Hanalei - to Haena, Ke'e, the Kalalau Trail, etc?

You need to do a little advance planning if you want to visit Limahuli Gardens, Tunnels Beach, Ke'e Beach, or hike the Kalalau Trail.  Travel will be restricted to vehicles with permits or passengers on the North Shore Shuttle.  Detailed permit and shuttle information will be in the information binder located in each of our Kauai vacation rentals, and is posted in detail here on our website.

Where can I go food shopping once I arrive on the island?

*A lot of our guests will get off the plane and proceed to do their food shopping before they check in, but if you get in late at night, your only real choice is the 24-hour Safeway in Kapaa.  It’s right on the highway, you can’t miss it.  During business hours, you can shop at any of these locations:  


Stores in Lihue Close to the Airport:  There are Walmart, Costco, Safeway, and Times Market in Lihue.  Your check-in instructions, and our mobile guest app, include driving directions.  

Kapaa Stores (East Shore): 

Cost-U-Less (which is like a smaller version of Costco, but without membership fees), Foodland, Safeway (open 24 hours), Papaya's Natural Foods, Big Save.  Foodland and Safeway have gift items as well as groceries.

North Shore Stores:

Foodland (Largest Kauai grocery store on the North Shore, in the Princeville Center), Harvest Market Hanalei (organic and natural foods, Hanalei), Healthy Hut Market (locally grown produce, organic, and gluten-free products, Kilauea), Big Save Market (Hanalei - check out the poke bowls and ice cold beer at the front of the store).  

South Shore Stores:

Big Save, Kukuiula Market (local produce and a good meat selection), Living Foods (extensive wine selection and café with European style menu), Sueoka (Asian grocery products, cut flowers, leis, and liquor), Whaler's General Store (Poipu Shopping Village with snacks, souvenirs, and beach items)

West Side Stores:

Ishihara Market (Waimea), Salt Pond Country Store (Hanapepe)


Which beaches are the safest for families with young children?

North Shore

*Tunnels Beach is great for snorkeling, but also has a shallow inner reef that is great for novices and children. Lifeguarded.  (Please note that due to the April 2018 flood damage to the Kuhio Highway north of Hanalei, Tunnels beach will remain inaccessible by road until Sept 11, 2018.)

*Hanalei Bay is a two-mile-long half moon bay with amazing white sand and beautiful mountains.  It also has an amazing ocean playground.  It is perfect for surfers!  You can also swim, bodyboard, go sailing, and paddling.  Lifeguarded.

*Anini Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach protected by the reef.  You can swim, do paddling, and beach walks.  The narrow beach and shallow water are great for little kids, but if you are an active beachgoer it is not going to be the best.  No lifeguards.

East Shore

*Lydgate Beach Park normally has calm conditions and manmade ponds to allow swimming on almost any day.  There is also a large grassy area perfect for kite flying, throwing around the frisbee, a playground for the kids, covered tables for family picnics, and even bike paths.  Lifeguarded.

*Kalapaki Beach is a natural harbor that makes it great for swimming, sailing, and surfing (for a variety of levels).  It is a beach for the entire family.  The stretch of sand is perfect for sandcastles, volleyball, and sunbathing.  There is also beachfront dining with shops and other restaurants all within walking distance.   No lifeguards.

South Shore

*Poipu Beach Park is a great protected area for swimming and snorkeling.  If you are an experienced surfer then the surf breaks offshore are great.  Poipu Beach Park during the winter season has calm waters where the north shore can be stormy and rough.  Lifeguarded.

When is a good time to visit Kauai?

Any time of the year is a good time to come to Kauai.  The average temperature ranges between 69 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The ocean temperatures range from 71 to 81 degrees all year around.  The trades winds generally keep the weather comfortable all year round.  Whale watching season begins in December and ends in May.  Peak whale watching months are between January and early April.  

When is it the rainy season on Kauai?

There is no designated time frame called the rainy season.  It generally rains the most during the winter months of November to March and is driest during the summer months, but the best part about Kauai is you can pack up the car and drive from Princeville to Poipu for the day and you will see some rays of sunshine.  Also the rain on Kauai is often just a brief downpour, so most of the time it is never a complete washout day.  

What is the time difference from the mainland (United States)?

Hawaii is on Hawaii Standard Time which is 5 hours behind Eastern Standard Time and 2 hours behind (earlier than) Pacific Standard Time.  Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so add an extra hour to the time difference during March to November.

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