Kauai Horseback Riding Tours

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Whether you're staying at one of our Kauai vacation rentals on the north shore, the south shore, or the east shore, you'll find a horseback riding adventure within just a few minutes drive.  It's a great way to check out the less-seen parts of the island.  You don’t need to be an experienced equestrian, there are plenty of rides suitable for beginners too.  Check out this list of places you can inquire for setting up horseback riding tours.


*Silver Falls Ranch (North Shore): Beautiful and leisurely tours through a 300 acre wilderness ranch and its botanical gardens.  A variety of rides are offered, some including a waterfall swim, others a picnic, Riders with special needs may be accommodated with advance notice.  All of the group trail rides proceed at a walking pace.  If you've got the urge - and the skills - to trot or canter, you'll need to book a private ride.  Maximum weight of 300lb permitted.


Princeville Ranch (North Shore):  Lots of options to choose from here!  There are trail rides, waterfall picnic rides, rides combined with ziplining, private rides, and riding lessons.  All group rides proceed at a walking pace only.  If you're eager to canter along the beach - and who isn't? - you'll need to book one of the private rides.  The waterfall picnic ride is highly recommended, but be warned, it's strenuous!  You'll ride to the waterfall, hike down a trail, scale a rock climbing wall (if you want to), enjoy a picnic, hike back up, then get back on your horse to return to the ranch.  This half-day adventure is surprisingly affordable, $149 as of May 2019.  Maximum weight of 250lb.  


*Espirit De Corps Riding Academy (East Shore):  This is the only place we know about that offers a horseback wedding ceremony!  Aside from weddings, they no longer offer trail rides, but serve as a booking agent for Princeville Ranch and CJM stables.   


*CJM Country Stables (South Shore):  Offering a variety of horseback adventures through the scenic Maha'ulepa area.  The Secret Beach picnic ride is a perfect family adventure.   You'll ride to a secluded beach and then enjoy a picnic lunch and a swim before mounting up for the ride back.  Please note that height and weight restrictions apply and that no one weighing more than 230lbs will be allowed to participate.  Children younger than 8 years old are not permitted.  If you're an experienced rider and want to proceed at a pace faster than walking, sign up for a private ride.


Some general horseback riding tips to keep in mind:

  • Check height, weight, and age restrictions before you go.  While they vary by provider, all will have limits for maximum weight or minimum age.
  • Wear close-toe shoes.  No sandals.  
  • Put on plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent.  Wear a hat.  Best clothing is a pair of light weight long pants and a t-shirt.
  • Requirements vary by provider, but in general, all children 14 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult.  Teens 15 - 17 years old may ride along, but parents will need to sign a waiver.  
  • It rains a lot on Kauai.  Rain won't stop your ride, unless it's actually inclement enough to pose a safety hazard.  Be prepared for rain.