Kauai Camping

Tour Hidden Kauai with a Truck Top Tent Camper - Kauai camping just got a whole lot more exciting!

Are you the adventurous type looking to explore the amazing secret parts of Kauai that most visitors never get to see?  Do you want the freedom to set your own agenda, set up camp wherever your fancy - and our four-wheel-drive truck - take you?  You can explore the island from remote beaches to rugged mountains, all from the comfort of a crew-cab four-wheel-drive Kauai camper with its own rooftop tent and numerous amenities.  Unlike traditional ground camping, you can take advantage of the truck-mounted camper to enjoy stunning views and catch cooling breezes all night long.  Our truck-mounted tent camper is perfect for two, and there's a pull-out kitchen in the truck bed, along with a generously sized cooler.  Since the truck can comfortably seat 4, you might want to take a couple of friends along and add our ground camping kit for them.  Toss in a couple of surf boards, body boards, or snorkel sets, and you're ready for your back country beach adventure!  Kauai campers and Kauai RV leave you free to explore, and your home away from home is wherever you choose to park it!