Air Conditioned Kauai Vacation Rentals

These great Kauai vacation villas and condos include AC

Kauai weather is balmy and delightful. Even the rain is warm! There's nothing better than leaving a freezing cold winter on the mainland to relax in the sunshine at Hanalei Bay or take a leisurely paddle along the Wailua River. The average temperature year-round ranges from 69 to 84 (Fahrenheit). Shorts and sandals all the time, maybe a light sweatshirt for the evning chill! The tradewinds blow almost constantly, it's lovely and cooling, especially if you're staying right along the ocean. Because the climate is so favorable, most properties don't bother with air-conditioning. However, some visitors find the warm temperature and high humidity uncomfortable, and want their Kauai vacation rental to come equipped with climate control. For that reason, we list these air-conditioned Kauai vacation villas and condos separately. Please note that not all have central conditioning. Some have AC only in one or two rooms. Check the description carefully for details, and feel free to call us if you have additional questions.