E Komo Mai – Welcome to Hanalei Colony Resort C2

Hanalei Colony Resort Map

Driving Directions

Google’s Driving Directions

Approximate drive time is 1 hour 20 minutes.  

Leaving the airport, turn right at the intersection onto Kapule Highway 51, which merges into Kuhio Highway 56 heading north.  Stay on this road all the way until you arrive at the entrance to Hanalei Colony Resort.  The resort is located five miles past Hanalei.  Look for the Hanalei Colony Resort sign on the right about one mile after the double one-lane bridges.  The physical address is 5-7130 Kuhio Highway. You will be on the ground floor of building C in #C-2.

Operating Your Electronic Lock

Your property is equipped with an electronic smart lock.  It may not look exactly like the one pictured below but it will operate in basically the same manner.

  • Your lock is a touch screen, it will initially be dark.  Touch the screen to wake it up.  When the screen initially activates, you may see that two of the number buttons are lit up.  Touch each of the two lit up buttons, and the rest of the screen should then light up.  Once the entire screen is lit up and you can see all of the digits, enter your code followed by the check mark and the lock will open.  Turn the door knob and go inside.
  • When you leave the property, close the door and enter your code again to lock the door.